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Don’t you have something to say


I can come off as annoying to certain people

because I talk to others with a motivation to see what they have to say


Or I’m trying to socially compose a topic of conversation to get a better understanding of how other people think and operate


I’ve met people that get annoyed by that and I’ve met people that appreciate that


So naturally I like to be around people that appreciate that and actually engage and share what’s on their mind


And the same people that get annoyed by that will also start to dislike the others that join in and reciprocate


For what reason


Maybe it’s their attitude and they want to be surrounded by their same energy

Maybe it’s because they can’t understand

Maybe they can’t break out of the same repetitive dialogue


But actually

What did you do today

What did you eat today

How do you feel about today

Are you looking forward to anything

What’s on your mind


There has to be something to say

Don’t you have something to say