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white shirt

black embroidery 

(Source: AS Colour) 






Here are some texts in my phone I found when I searched up omg


omg hello

omg need to watch that

omg crazy

omg yes

omg I just clocked out

omg how cute

omg congratulations

omg okay

omg that’s hilarious

omg are you okay

omg edc

omg damn

omg slay

omg hahahaha

omg excited for you

omg vibes

omg fr

omg no

omg what

omg how much

omg jealous

omg you’re so bad

omg I never saw this

omg love that

omg bruh

omg that’s awesome

omg I’m sorry

omg burnt

omg dude

omg I don’t have it

omg as you should

omg I’m down

omg I don’t work

omg lol

omg what happened

omg ily

omg I just woke up

omg josh